Monday, 10 October 2016

Europe 2016 Oct 4th-6th Days 37-39 Roma to Brisbane

An easy start this morning as we have to pack, checkout and leave Rome and finally Europe; for this trip anyway. Didn't take long and after a casual breakfast and a little tidy up of the Ritz, the bags were set to the side and we went for a last walk around the local streets. Found a pharmacy to buy some TED's for myself due to Jane's concern over my leg injury and DVT with the long flights home; very fetching too I might say, a black pair look extremely attractive on these legs paired with shorts. Then found a quiet little cafe we hadn't already visited and had a great last cup of coffee before grabbing one last longing look down the road at the the Colosseum, still in awe of this sight. Returned to get our bags and left the Ritz for the last time; a great place and superb location, before waving down a taxi for the trip to the airport.
The ride to the airport was reasonably uneventful, except for one truck trying to merge into our lane, and neither wanting to giving way; luckily our driver saw the sense and finally did with a lot of horn tooting, gesticulating and angry words of Italian. At the airport we just had a thirty minute wait before check in (bag drop and I won the weight battle easily) so as it was twelve already we settled for a small lunch and drink (water only this time) before an easy check in and then off through security etc. Had a wander around the duty free and ended up buying a bottle of Grappa to bring back and a couple of books to read on the flights; Nesbo and James Joyce for me and some girly book (her words) One Summer in Venice by Nicky Pellegrino for Jane.
The Emirates flight to Dubai was good and seemed to go quite quickly except I got the "seat back all flight" person in front of me again; why why why !! Arrived at Dubai just before midnight and had a shortish wait before our 2.45 am flight to Brisbane. It was only now that rather than being direct as was originally booked; it was two legs via Singapore, oh well just grin and bear it. We both had aisle seats opposite each other, however I got a very nice gentleman from Singapore who I chatted with for a while as he was very interested in travel, while Jane had the Irish mother with the sixteen month old child; lucky her. Good flight ( except for screaming kids and babies) and then after a one and half hour stop over in Singapore which was actually a good interlude for leg stretching, we were on the final leg to Brisbane. Another good flight (so much better when someone in front isn't shoving the seat back in your face) and no-one filled the seat vacated by Singapore man next to me (Jane still had Irish family though) and even though a little delayed we finally landed around 1.30 am Brisbane time. Quick trip through customs, etc and a stop at the duty free for some single malts and it was into a taxi and home, all there by 2.30 am; excellent. As you can guess straight into the land of nod as neither of us had much sleep on the plane over the three legs, but I must admit; split into three legs of approx seven hours each was actually a very good way to go; must consider this for the next European adventure.....  ;-)